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Back At It Again.

“The First Step To Fixing Something Is To Know No Matter How Destroyed It Seems, It Can Always Be Saved.”

Joe Goldberg – “You”

I have to laugh at myself! I actually watched the show, heard Joe say it and for some reason, it resonated in my life. Joe from “You” is giving me advice? …. I mean, what can I say? I genuinely believe I am a beautiful disaster. I know you may be thinking. “Girl! Really??” w/ the head cocked to the side w/ the sharp side eye. Yes! I am going there. Now that I am coming up in my mid-thir….I can’t finish the rest. It’s a hard slow pill I am swallowing, that’s lodge in the wrong throat. So everyday that goes by I still feel it there.

I whole heartly believe what he said. Out of context of course. We know Joe is not all the way there but he means well…..Oops, I am agreeing with him again. Sheesh. Let me stop me while I can. Right?..

With that being said. Being a single mother who wears her heart on her sleeves have been jerked around a few (literally and figuratively) too many times (Did I mention this is not for kids?). I actually went into the parochial “sunken place”. Trying so hard to get out of my situation.

So here I am, back again, to talk about my B.S. to whoever understands….

I guess we’ll see how it goes. And yes I said “we”. I am on a journey and need some solid familiar companions…Here we go!

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